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Hi guys! Welcome to the world of Literotica!.. I’m Meera from Chennai.. I’m married to a business man two years ago… So as you know being a business man he has to go out of stations every now and then without quenching my sex thirst..

I am a slutty figure.. and wanted someone to quench my sex thirst and it need not be my husband himself

So as the house was big a servant named kiran was appointed to do the household works…

My husband went on a tour for about two months and I felt desperately sad ..

So one brilliant idea hit my head that as my husband wouldn’t come for 2 months so why shouldn’t I try to seduce the servant and have my wishes fulfilled… As it was no harm so I requested my hubby to make the servant be in the home for all the two months and as I asked he did. The servant will stay in my home 24*7…i was so happy…..

So I gave him my hubby’s room to sleep but what I told that he would sleep in the hall… I provided him all the requirements and then left to sleep..

So that night I was thinking about how to seduce him…… Again a brilliant idea struck me .. I went to my hubby’s room where Kiran was sleeping and switched on the light..

Kiran : what happened ma’am.. Is there any problem.. ?
I told that I was way too feared to sleep alone so I want to sleep in this room with u kiran..

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Kiran : ma’am but near me.. I’m ur servant okay ma’am I’ll sleep down u sleep up on the bed..
I told no it’s not a problem u also sleep on the bed… So I climbed the bed and told Kiran to share the bed sheet but I told him to off the light.. I was damn excited..

We both shared the bed sheet and slept but all night I kept staring on kiran..

It was morning soon and I woke up and saw kiran was missing .i went out of the room and checked he was sweeping the house…

Then I wishes him good morning and he wished me the same… He told me that he will be going to his house to bring his briefcase.. I told him but u ready have a pair for today so go tomorrow..

But he said ma’am it has become dirty.. So I have to wash it and bring a couple more pairs of lungi and baniyan ..
I told him okay do one thing give me ur lungi and baniyan I’ll wash it out for u and meanwhile have a bath also… But he resisted but ma’am why would u do such things I’ll do it myself..
I told him shut up and give me his dress and also told him to place his lungi and baniyan along with ur underwear on my bed I’ll wash it out…

He did as I told he wore a towel and placed all his dresses on my bed so I went to my room ..closed the door got naked and took his baniyan and started to sniff it and later I licked it also.. And then I took his lungi and also did the same…. Later I saw his underwear which I took and smelled the part where his shaft would rest I… Could smell his shaft there which later I licked it and was sucking that particular region and later I took them all and washed them neatly and dried them up quickly.. So meanwhile I also bathed and wore a nighty without any interiors inside… And then I moved out of the room with kirans dress.. I saw him in the towel chopping vegetables….. He was half naked in front of me.. My juices started flowing inside…. I called him he came near and took the dress and quickly changed it and I couldn’t watch him changing as he locked the door… So after that he came out and continued his routine work and later he told that he would go bring his briefcase.
I told him u need not bring that u can wear my hubby’s dress as he is not using them much.. After some discussion he agreed……

We finished having dinner and we left to the room for sleeping and I told him that we can sleep In my room today… To which he told OK and we headed towards my room after which I firmly decided to make a move on today….
As usual we both slept and we sharing the same bed sheet… But this time I woke up in between and headed towards the bathroom but I asked Kiran to come till the bathroom door as I was too scared to go alone so woke up and adjusted his lungi and headed towards the door and told me that he will stay there and told me to proceed to which I went in and switched on the light and closed the door but didn’t bolt it and left a gap for kiran too peak inside and then I turned away and started to piss… Definitely the sound of me pissing would being heard to kiran and maybe he would be peaking inside so I lifted the night up-to my waste exposing my ass to kiran who may or may not be watching me and later I flushed and went out and told kiran to off the lights and close the door…..

To my luck few dogs were howling hoooooooooooo. Bowwow.

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So I pretended to be scared and asked if she can hug kirans hand and sleep close to him….. Kiran was shocked.. But I pleaded him later he agreed but I told him to remove the baniyan to which he resisted but I ordered him to remove so he removed and came to the bed and slept on the bed.. I told him to lift his left arm and as he lifted I went and kept one hand on his chest and one below his head and I told him to wrap his hand around my but before that I pulled the bed sheet and when he turned his head to the other side I slowly removed the buttons of my night and kept both my boob’s visible to kiran and I kept my leg on his leg and while placing my leg I felt his semi hard dick and kept my leg there itself….

As time passed I couldn’t sleep.. So I started rubbing my hand on his chest…. And started to rub his nipples… Slowly I went down to his abdomen… And played with his belly button… After which I licked my fingers and lubricated the belly button well and I could sense that kiran was breathing really heavily…. I liked it.. Then finally with all guts I lifted my hand and placed on his hard erect shaft…… He was breathing really very heavily….. I could feel his breath… Then slowly I kept moving my hands over his lungi on his shaft…. I was rubbing over his cock head over that lungi and then later I found some thing sticky I knew it was the precum.. then I holder the full erected penis in my hands.. It think I t was 10-11 inches and was stroking over that lungi meanwhile.. With my hands and turned kirans head towards mine and he opened his eyes and looked into mine and I also looked into his eyes and I told him

Kiran… I want u.. I want u so badly.. Please take my virginity please ..then he came closer and our lips were going to meet then we both closed ur eyes and we went even more closer….
Our lips met.. A vibration passed all over my body I started to kiss his lips harder and we both sucked each others tongues… We both were kissing and drinking each others saliva.. For about ten minutes.. Later I removed my hand form the lungi and I kept my hand below the abdomen and slowly inserted my hand into his lungi and then I got my target ..the shaft… I felt it was rock hard I was feeling so good…. I was stroking it hard and meanwhile he was busy burying his head b/w my boobies and was feeling my tenderness…. Later he sucked my boob’s and to my surprise his cummed a huge amount on my hands which I collected in my hands took it out and first sniffed it…the smell was the best of anything else…. Then I later opened my mouth and put it in and licked all that was available but I didn’t drink it I kept in my mouth for sometime and then I placed my lips on kiran’s lips and we both shared his cum and we’re kissing like that for about an hour maybe and then I told him we shall move to the next level so I removed the bed sheet and told him to raise his arms ..he did as I told and went near his armpits and started licking his armpits and sucking his armpit hair…. I licked all his sweat also.. The smell made my madd.. Then I again kissed him for sometime.. Later I sat on his abdomen and removed my nighty and totally became nude in front if him in that dark.

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