Indian Wife Ass fucked in Clinic – Part 2

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Hello Literotica readers! I am Meeta. I have been visiting to read Indian sex stories & Literotica for quite a while now and thought about sharing my own story. I got fucked by a Gynecologist when I went for a Vaginal Checkup. I hope you read my first sex story. If not, it’s – Indian Wife Ass fucked in Clinic

I removed my undergarments. My Saree was still on me, so I wasn’t fully naked yet. The doctor wore some gloves while Rishi came towards my face and started unbuttoning my blouse.

I was shocked. I tried to stop him.

“Don’t worry”, the doctor said, “It’s normal procedure. We need to check your boobs too. Don’t want to miss anything during checkups, you know”.

He smiled and winked. Rishi gave a faint smile too.

I nodded and let Rishi do his job. He removed my saree pallu and unbuttoned the blouse. He made me sit so he can remove it completely. While at it, he unhooked the bra and removed it too.

Now I was naked in upper half of my body. My saree was on me, so lower half was still covered.

“Remove the saree too, Rishi”, Doctor said as he moved towards my boobs,” We don’t want to infect anything”.

He nodded and slowly removed the saree and petticoat too.

Now, I was fully naked.

Naked to the core, in front of two strangers whom I met few hours ago. I had hairs on my pussy and nipples were already very hard.

I was ashamed exposing my nudity.

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“Don’t be ashamed. You shouldn’t hide anything from a Doctor”, The doctor said as he massaged my boobs. Probably to see if I have any lumps in my breasts. Checking for symptoms of Breast Cancer, eh?

After massaging them for 10-15 minutes, he stopped at looked at me.

“Your boobs are in good shape. No Lumps and firm too”, He commented as he moved towards my pussy.

My booms were paining and red due to the hard massage.

“Rishi, bring some Oil and napkins”.

Rishi went out and was back with the items Doctor had asked him to bring.

I was puzzled. Why do they need oil and Napkins.

“Oil is for your pussy. We don’t want the checkups to be dry. We are going to use the Oil for lubrication”, He said as he applied some on his hands.

“Rishi, take some oil and massage her shoulders and back for me, I want her to Orgasm. Let me check if she does..”, Doctor said as he pushed one finger in my pussy.

Although, I am not a virgin anymore, it pained a bit.

I let out a feeble shriek.

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“Be calm”, Don’t whispered as he moved his fingers in and out of my pussy. It was dry as expected. My Sex life was good, but not great. Plus I had pressure of bearing child for my family.

“Needs more lubrication.. and maybe something more.. “, Doctor said as he added some more oil and tried.

I still shrieked.

Rishi was massaging my shoulders and boobs. My legs were parted and the Doctor was exploring it. I wasn’t looking at him though.

Boobs are my weak point. Rishi was doing a wonderful job heating me up from inside. He was pinching my nipples, caressing my areola, pressing my boobs and kneading them with power.

Doctor continued finger fucking me for 5 minutes. Then he added more fingers in my pussy. Now he inserted 3!

I shrieked in pain. Although it was very awkward but I was already very hot. I didn’t stop him.

“Your pussy is still very small. Your are not fucked properly, I see.. Maybe you need some help with that.. “, The doctor said as he moved away a bit and removed the gloves.

I was still on my back, getting a good boob massage from Rishi, looking at the Doctor as he got naked. He removed everything and stood in front of him.

He was black as coal and his penis was even blacker. But it was huge. The forehead was big too.

I kept looking at it, as if I was enchanted with it.

“Caress it dear”, He said as he brought his penis towards me,” I am going to show how a tight pussy like yours should be fucked!”.

I took his penis in my hands and started shagging it. Rishi was now biting my nipples. I was moaning and shagging Doctor’s massive penis and he was fingering me in the pussy!

I shagged him for few minutes. His penis was hot and strong. I craved for it.

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