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Hello Literotica readers! I am Meeta. I have been visiting to read Indian sex stories & Literotica for quite a while now and thought about sharing my own story. I got fucked by a Gynecologist when I went for a Vaginal Checkup. My husband doesn’t know about this. I would like to know what you people have to say about my sexual escapade.

I am a good looking woman, married to Ritesh, who works as a Salesman in a small company. We live in Mumbai suburbs. We were married for 5 years and our parents kept asking and pestering us about kids. We had planned the baby, but things didn’t go as we wished they would. Ritesh and I tried sex on various occasions but I didn’t conceive. It was a nuisance for us. Everyone we knew asked about us not having kids and pressurized us to do something about it.

We went to a pathological lab for checkup. We wanted to get our sexual organs checked, his sperm out, my ovulation process etc. They asked us to get a checkup letter from a reputed doctor as they don’t do checkups without proper documentation. We came back and started searching for some good doctors in our area.

“Meeta, I think this doctor can do it”, Ritesh said, pointing to this phone.

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I looked over. This doctor was just 15 minutes walk from our house.

“Looks good, but it’s a male doctor.”, I frowned,” I would prefer a female one. I don’t want someone else looking down my Vagina“.

“Don’t worry”, Ritesh whispered,” Most of them are males these days, plus they are professionals. They will be polite and won’t do anything wrong with you.”

I still resisted, but upon Ritesh’s presistence, I decided that I’ll visit the clinic next day.

So, next day, when Ritesh went to his office, I dressed up and went to the clinic.

I was in saree. Not much makeup. Usually I don’t do much makeup. I entered an saw a male attendant. I wondered if the clinic had any female employees. First a male gynecologist and now a male attendant.

“I am here for a checkup. Is the Doctor available?”, I asked.

He checked a register and frowned, “Doctor should be here any minute, but I see that you don’t have an appointment. We don’t usually take walk-in appointees.”

“Oh.. sorry, I forgot to call you to book it, I thought I can walk in and get it done”, I shrugged.

“Don’t worry. Please have a seat. Once the doctor comes, I’ll ask about it”, He said pointing me to a seat opposite the counter.

I thanked him and sat down. It was 11 am. I was the only patient there. After a while, the door opened and a middle aged, dark skinned bald man entered. He looked serious and had the ”Doctor” walk.

“Any appointments Rishi?”, He asked as he made his way to the cabin inside.

“4 sir, but after 12 noon.”, Rishi, the attendant said looking at the register,” We have a walk-in though. Should I send her in for checkup?”.

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Doctor looked at me and smiled.

“Sure”, He said,” Send in after 15 minutes”.

Saying this he went in his cabin. I relaxed. After 15 minutes, the attendant told me to go in. On my way, he gave me some papers which had various checkup notes and boxes for results / prescriptions.

I went in.

The cabin was big. It had a table and few chairs in the middle. Doctor was sitting on one of the big chairs. He waved me to take a seat. There was a small glass cabin to one corner. It had curtains. I can see a small bed in it. Probably for checkup.

“So, what kind of checkup is it?”, he asked taking the papers from me.

I told him about me and Ritesh and how badly we were trying to conceive, but things were not working for us.

“I see”, he whispered jotting down something on the paper

“You know what?, We will conduct a fertility test for you. We will come to know if you are fertile enough to conceive. If you are, then the problem is with you husband”, he said.

I nodded.

He wrote something on another paper and handed it to me.

“Get the tests done from your nearest lab and bring them to me tomorrow”,

I thanked and paid his fees to the attendant. He gave me one more paper for test. It was for the lab that I should go to.

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